A short post about increasing productivity at work that I've learned in my English class.

Stop multitasking

  • People are easily get tempted at working multitasking
  • Multitasking is not humanly possible
  • We should focus on one task at a time
  • That will help us finish the task faster.

Take breaks

  • Working for a long time can easily get burned out
  • Not good for physical health & mental health
  • Take 5 mins to walk around the office

Set small goals

  • Set big goals can make you feel overwhelming
  • Big goals/tasks/plans can be more daunting because you cannot finish them.
  • You should break your task up into smaller tasks

Take care of the biggest tasks when you’re most alert

  • Determine when you’re most alert: morning, afternoon, or evening
  • Prevent taking care of the big task when you’re burned out.
  • Understanding when and how you work best is the key.

Implement the "two-mininute rule"

  • Finding and immediately completing tasks that take two mininutes or less.
  • When you starting a new habit, it should take less than 2 mininutes to do.